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Our Services

LBP Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of inspection services and environmental disposal solutions to both our commercial and residential clients. Whether you have an office building that needs to be demolished or a home you would like to renovate,Compliance Solutions Image LBP Solutions can help you manage the environmental concerns and impacts that harmful issues like Lead-Based Paint (LBP), Asbestos and Mold can have on you, your workers or your families. All of these potential legal, regulatory or health issues can easily be managed with a preliminary inspection and your custom solution in place. Knowing what you are dealing with, in a project of any scale, could possibly be the most important step you take.


  • Lead Based Paint Inspections, Risk Assessments and Consulting
  • Surface Testing Using an RMD LPA-1 XRF Analyzer
  • Environmental Sampling of Lead in Air, Dust, Soil, Water and Paint Chip
  • Residential and Commercial Assessments, Large Multi-Family HUD Risk Assessments
  • Real Estate Transactions, Pre-demolition OSHA Surveys, EPA RRP Inspections and Clearances

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